primal screams


331885_10151347523196155_327548257_o  angieseah6:Fool on the hill 2008 Slide3

the bully(4) angieseah16:A piece for the weary soul 2010 the silent conductor 1



sense of gratefulness


when one asked how much it needs to be satisfy? I finally begin to realise the meaning of this question.

that reaffirm me to continue doing what i do.

it’s wasn’t the quantity of people who came to see my show, but  the quality of nice sincerce people who came and support, created this beautiful atmosphere for me.

after my  performance, we were  chatting  n sharing food together.

it is the quality of great times from viewing art and understanding life.

sinercely i am  grateful.

to have good artists friends and peers.

thank you.

images from my performances 2003-2012


The silent conductor, Interacjke festival 2007 Poland

The Samurai melancholia, Matsushiro Japan 2007

The BULLY, Brussels Belgium 2008

The fool on a hill, Switzerland 2008

Sound painting with Walter Thompson, Lublin Poland 2012

Being a woman, Singapore 2009




BLeeding Grace Theatre set design 2012


This the first set design i have created for Bleeding Grace is the story of two pedestrian lives. They meet, they laugh, they make a promise. She has a child, he begins to question what he wants. They take opposite sides, they cry, they break promises. A child dies, life becomes a void. In the horror of disillusion and the sorrow of death, how does life carry on?

An exploration of the abject pain of mediocrity through poetry, physical theatre, installation art and sonic art, Bleeding Grace is a multidisciplinary collaboration between acclaimed local artists Fared Jainal, Zizi Azah, Angie Seah and Bani Haykal, starring theatre stalwarts Eleanor Tan and Fita Helmi.